Special Session

Special Session: E-mobility, its Thermal Management and Environment

This topic involves research on power electronics and vehicle electrification. It will be helpful to understand the latest trends and thermal management of e-mobility components such as batteries, traction inverter and motor. In addition, the impact of e-mobility on the environment will be understood as well as how companies and countries are trying to electrify their fleets.



  • Dr. AYUSH LAL, Aptiv, USA
  • Ayush Lal is a Senior Mechanical Engineer at Aptiv in Michigan, USA. He graduated from Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, USA in 2017. His main skills and expertise cover the areas of power electronics, computational fluid dynamics and vehicle electrification. Mr. Lal has worked with automotive giants such as Delphi Technologies (now Borg Warner) and Eaton Corporation in e-mobility in the US. His work has been published in books such as Innovate Toronto.



Accepted abstract & Full paper will be invited to give the presentation at ICMAA 2024